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Marie Curie High School in Kazimierza Wielka

View of the school building


The school has at its disposal full equipment and high-qualified staff, so as to provide an adequate level of education and upbringing:

  • We possess two computer studies: a computers science classroom and a foreign language classroom.
  • We have at our disposal a very good base for the artistic and cultural activity..
  • For the students who come from another places we have a well-equipped and cheap dormitory.
  • Classrooms, library and the gym.
  • We carry on an attractive exchange of our students with the schools from Germany, England, Finland and France.  

The foreign languages:

      English, German, Russian, Latin

In the schoolyear 2005/2006 there are 466 students in 15 classes attending our school.


The staff consist of 39 people.


Headmaster: mgr Wlodzimierz Kruszynski

The deputy headmaster: mgr Jadwiga Zieleniewska


The students' self-government:

  • leader: Karolina Adamusik (2a)
  • deputy leader: Bartosz Przezak (2a)
  • secretary: Agnieszka Peska (2a)
  • treasurer: Justyna Kabat (2a)
  • students' spokesperson: Marcin Indelak (2a)
  • and Paulina Chabinka (1c)

View from satellite to our school and the nearest part of Kazimierza Wielka town:

A bit about Kazimierza Wielka town:

Kazimierza Wielka is marked by shortcut "Kazim. Wlk."

Geographical coordinates: 5016' N, 2030' E.



Kazimierza Wielka - Krakow: 50 km (30 miles)   

Kazimierza Wielka - Kielce: 85 km (52 miles)


   Sign of Kazimierza Wielka


More information about town, community and county Kazimierza Wielka you can find here.